Small Wins:

  1. I lost 8lbs (from 114lbs to 106lbs) in 3 weeks.
  2. I got my dream job! It requires on 20hrs of work in a week. I’m thinking of getting another one to double my income.
  3. My Behance portfolio’s getting more attention.
  4. My CV’s featured in

Major Problems/Challenges:

  1. The design firm my friends and I were trying to form didn’t push through. I don’t want to sound too accusing but I’m so tired of hearing one friend making excuses. That friend almost ran away from a project she was paid to do. Also, I know I still have a project we did together that’s not yet paid and I am expecting her to update us since she’s the point person but she never brought it up.
  2. My small business is on hiatus. Again, I asked my friend (the one I mentioned above) to manage it while I’m away but upon checking the fan page, it seems like my friend’s not doing her job. She promised to help me out but apparently it’s just another lip service.
  3. I spent some of my savings and business’s profit because I was short on cash.
Minor Problems/Challenges:
  1. I barely had the time and money to learn more about photography. It sucks that I’m stuck with the basics for years. It sucks more to realize that I owned a decent DSLR since 2006… and I’m stuck with the basics.
  2. I tend to undersell myself. I think this one should be categorized in Major Problems since underselling or my lack of confidence could severely affect my small trinket shop and design business. I’m already working on it. I’ve read self-help articles on confidence and I’d like to think that I’m more confident now after dealing with a few clients compared to last year when I was just a newbie in freelance.

Solution to Problems:

  1. Do not involve that friend in business or work, no matter how big or small the project is. Find someone reliable. It’s not that I’m not being hard on her. I know the person is troubled but work is work.
  2. Save the business. I don’t really get that much help from my friend, I think it’s wise not to entrust her with anything and (for the lack of a better word) fire her.
  3. On profit and savings: I will replace the money I took from the 2 bank accounts as soon as I get my first paycheck.
  4. Take more pictures. I’ll make it a point to rent a studio whenever I have extra money to learn new lighting tricks. There’s no other way.
  5. Talk to clients more often. I should be more “bibo” when it comes to work and selling myself. I need to update them weekly and start small conversation that is not about work.

Things I’ve learned so far:

  1. Work ethics is important. Sometimes it’s not just the portfolio that your client’s looking at. They want someone who’s easy to work with. Always be on time. Update them on your work’s progress even if they don’t ask you about it. Be honest and transparent. Never play mind games with the client.
  2. If there’s something that you don’t understand that well, ask.
  3. What you do tells a lot about your priorities. If you’re not doing anything about your goals then people would think that it’s not your priority.
  4. A commitment is a commitment. You can’t tell your client or colleagues that you didn’t do the job well because <insert excuse here>.